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Nothing sullies an organization’s credibility faster than graphics that have poor color management. We manage our color proofing to exact industry standards. If a magazine requires a GRACoL 7 color with a 150 line screen and a maximum color density of 300, we make sure that our digital files are exactly that. We will never send out an image to a national magazine without checking color specifications for that publication.

In addition, our proofing processes are layered and redundant by design. We have multiple staff members proof each graphic in order to catch obvious and, more importantly, not so obvious errors in the copy, colors, positioning and other aspects. We proof everything and correct any errors long before a project is delivered. Spellcheckers and software designed to catch errors in syntax and graphic element alignment are poor substitutes for experienced eyes and minds. Our staff members carefully examine each part of each project, and nothing is forwarded to the next level until everything is satisfactory.

Whether a file is provided by a client or created in-house, it must pass through our exhaustive proofing process to ensure that everything is perfect. While we do offer rapid turnaround times on projects, we do not take any shortcuts. For more information about our copy and graphic proofing or any other aspect of our creative process, please contact us today by calling 312-666-2844. At ColorImage, we deliver results.


  • Kodak Approval Graycol 7 specs
    XP (DDCP)
  • Epson Stylus Pro
  • HP Designjet 2600
  • Xerox DocuColor 240