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With the latest Adobe CS5 suite of software, our artists are capable of producing and reproducing images of stunning depth, clarity and eye-poppingly vivid colors. Project elements that once took days can now be created, manipulated and modified in minutes, allowing us to take projects from conceptual sketches to delivery in record time. This keeps our costs low and allows us to pass along the savings to each client without compromising our reputation for quality. Elements of the CS5 software suite include the following:

  • Photoshop
    Photoshop is so powerful and capable of producing stunning images that it has become the industry standard. For creating, editing and delivering images that capture the essence of our clients’ organizations, Photoshop Extended is simply indispensable.
  • InDesign
    For designing and pre-flighting layouts, there is no substitute for the power and utility of InDesign. Its creative tools such as precision typography, full 360-degree object rotation, panorama functions, ease of file export and much more allow us to produce different drafts for each client’s review and approval.
  • Illustrator
    This software needs no explanation. Its features allow our artists to fully express themselves and create stunning images that deliver the results our clients need to be successful. For creating drop shadows, textures, blurs, gradient meshes and much more, we cannot do what we do without this software.

Our staff members also work with QuarkXpress and other programs to produce dazzling graphics that create lasting impressions for our clients. For more information about our software and the unforgettable graphics solutions it creates for our clients, please contact us today at 312-666-2844. The software helps, but it is the people at ColorImage that create the magic. Call us today.