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Retouching & File Prep

Retouching and file prep are essential components of the graphic design production process and make the difference between an average image and an image that leaps off the substrate and holds a viewer’s attention. These creative processes add depth of field and color accents, remove artifacts such as dust, contrast corrections and add essential elements and many other indispensable components of a graphic. Our retouching and file prep artists use their experience, technical expertise and artistic instincts to breathe life into images in order to help our clients achieve their goals. Retouching and file prep are an art and a science, and we are very proud of the magic our artists conjure up on each project.

Retouching and file prep technicians take images and edit components of them in accordance with the theme of the project and the goals of the client. Open the pages of nearly every glossy magazine, and you will see one page after another of images that have been retouched. Retouch artists add light sources or enhance those already present in an image. Using their skills and cutting-edge software, they can create and add elements to an image or extract unwanted elements. They can repair or restore old or damaged images, enhance elements of a photograph and add a look that is something only a true artist can do.

Depending on the image and specifics of the project, retouching can take minutes or days. It is exacting, painstaking work, but it’s absolutely necessary to create that look that lingers and resonates with those who view it. We have retouched many of the iconic images of the largest corporations including The Marlboro Man, Sony, Samsung, General Motors, Kellogg’s, Kohler, Dewars, United Airlines, Bebe, Victoria’s Secret and Sears to name a few.

Our retouching and file prep services are part of every project, and some clients have us prep and retouch or “refresh” images that have been part of their organizations for decades. Either way, we are very proud that they rely on our retouch and file prep artists, and we believe their work speaks for itself. For examples of the difference that retouching and file prep can make, please browse the pages of our site. If you have questions or you would like to learn more about these and other graphic design services, please call us at ColorImage today at 312-666-2844.