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Window Displays

How do you transform window-shopping into sales that improve your bottom line and help your organization achieve its goals? You can do this with attractive, dynamic window displays that flatter your goods and services, along with your organization, and deliver the results you need to stand out. Whether your organization is for-profit or not, visual presentation is everything. A window display can make an impact like few other kinds of graphic displays and become a frame that flatters your products or creates a buzz about them. We have a long legacy of working with our clients’ design teams to create stunning window displays. Alternatively, some clients prefer to let our visual team artists create extraordinary displays that create a look like no other.

We take a comprehensive approach to window display projects and incorporate design elements that reflect the unique nature of each client. We do much more than simply craft an appealing image that flirts with the viewer and drives sales. We often employ eclectic elements such as found objects, antique lighting, unusual colors and textures and other unorthodox elements to make a striking statement. We also produce the following:

  • Large and grand format displays that tell stories from one panel to the next
  • Dimensional settings that incorporate various materials for a layered look
  • Bold graphics that create a stage on the window surface
  • Decals, banners, supports, FoamCore structures, wraps, panels and other effects to create depth and vivid imagery
  • Many other types of striking window displays and display elements that build brand recognition and drive sales

Years ago, retailers, museums and many other kinds of organizations had dedicated window design teams who understood the importance of windows for merchandising, informing and shaping purchasing decisions. They were artists who had an extraordinary sense for using space to dramatic effect. Today, that same aesthetic is alive, well and flourishing in the artists of our imaging team who relish the challenges that each project presents. They know and understand the importance of coordinating various elements into a cohesive whole. Please call us at ColorImage today at 312-666-2844.