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Multi Cam 1000 / Vision Routers

Sheet sizes 5’ x 10‘ up to 2“ thick. Cuts most materials from vinyl to wood.

ColorImage has a variety of tools available to create a stunning and intriguing visual display campaign that is worth talking about. We produce the highest quality images on our top of the line printers, but our Multi Cam 1000 and Vision Routers will let your displays literally stand out. These tools are a great way to produce three-dimensional effects that really get your displays, products, services and specials noticed. While color is important in any visual display, our routers allow you to take advantage of space in new ways.

Routers are a useful tool for any custom display producer, and ColorImage has two of the highest quality routers available, the Multi Cam 1000 Router and Vision Engraver and Router to produce three-dimensional effects, add engraving details and enhance your retail signs and other displays. These high-performance routers produce quality effects every time, which can be executed in a variety of ways on different media.

The Multi Cam 1000 Router is a highly accurate robotic cutting system that allows ColorImage to produce highly creative custom displays for your business. It is calibrated to yield the cleanest cuts and most detailed shapes. The Vision Router and Engraver can produce three-dimensional effects in wood, foam or even metal. The versatility of our two routers gives you many options for designing a retail display campaign that is unique, eye-catching, professional and polished. Whether it is a custom shape cut out that draws attention to your product’s uniqueness or detailed lettering or images enhanced by engraving, the visual and tactile effects we can create with our Multi Cam 1000 Router and Vision Routers are endless. The largest size sheet is 5 feet by 10 feet and up to 2 inches thick.

If you are looking for unique retail displays that will draw attention to your products, ColorImage has the services you need. We will combine our top technologies, including our Multi Cam 1000 and Vision Routers with our committed and expert staff to create visually stunning materials for your business. Call us today at 312-666-2844 to learn about how our services can benefit you.