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Vutek GS 3200

U.V. 126” wide – 7 color plus white 1080 dpi. Prints on sheets up to 2” thick and Rolls of cloth, vinyl, styrene, etc.

It takes true talent to capture a breathtaking photo with a camera or create a captivating design with a graphics program. Transforming these images into engaging retail displays, exhibits or custom signage requires the right equipment. At ColorImage, we have a full selection of printers and finishing equipment at our disposal so we can get every job done right and exceed the expectations of our clients.

One of our powerful, cutting-edge printers is the Vutek GS 3200 model. As you look through our equipment list, you will probably notice that this is just one of three types of Vutek printers that are part of our inventory. All of our Vutek printers can handle demanding superwide format print jobs, but the GS 3200 model does have a few capabilities that distinguish it from the other two. Features of this machine that allow us to produce amazing finished products include the following:

  • Resolutions of 600 dpi or 1,000 dpi for projects that require super high-definition results and ones in which a slightly lower definition is acceptable
  • The ability to print directly onto rigid materials, which can eliminate the time and money associated with mounting and laminating
  • The capability of printing on substrates that are as thick as two inches and as wide as 126.5 inches
  • The choice between eight-colored printing (plus white) when detail and depth are paramount or fast five-colored printing
  • Four-point text to make it sharp and easy to read
  • The ability to produce six variations of white print, including fill and overprint, to add an additional dimension to your images
  • Speeds in excess of 1,200 square feet per hour

As soon as we receive your order and your files, our printing professionals will use their expertise to bring your images to life in brilliant, true-to-life color. We will not only take the time to retouch your image and do any finishing work necessary, but also evaluate the print job and choose the right piece of equipment for the task. Whether that is the Vutek GS 3200 or another model, you can rest assured that we only use state-of-the-art printers and tools to complete every job. Contact us at ColorImage today at 312-666-2844 if you need banners, floor graphics, mounted prints or another form of visual communication media for your organization or business.