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Vutek QS 3200R

U.V. 126” wide – 6 color – 1080 dpi. Prints on Roll material.

After we receive and professionally retouch your files, we use our printers to transform that perfected computer image into a vibrant banner stand, engaging trade show display or one-of-a-kind table drape. The Vutek QS 3200R helps our staff perform this all-important task quickly and efficiently. Using this printer, we are able to achieve jaw-dropping results for our clients.

The makers of the Vutek QS 3200R designed it specifically to handle superwide format print jobs that are simply impossible with most machines. Just one model in the comprehensive Vutek QS line, the 3200R printer has numerous advantages that help ColorImage (and your business) stand out from the competition. This remarkable machine that represents a step forward in printing technology has the following qualities:

  • Produces razor sharp graphics in high-definition print (print resolutions of up to 1,080 dpi)
  • Transfers graphic images to an array of materials with the capability of using substrates as thick as 3 mm
  • Roll-to-roll printing capabilities
  • A better alternative to solvent-based printing and UV curing models that do not have roll-to-roll capability
  • Capable of printing at lightning-fast speeds (up to 1,850 square feet per hour)
  • Offers eight-color printing to produce dazzling images with the color variety and depth our customers expect
  • Produces images that are durable enough for outdoor use thanks to its advanced UV curing technology

Overall, the Vutek QS 3200R represents the ideal combination of speed and quality. Super-fast print speeds allow us to reduce our turnaround times while the high-definition quality of images produced with this printer can allow you to take a marketing campaign or public education program to a whole new level.

At ColorImage, we offer all clients excellent pricing and professional support, regardless of the size of the job. We also know that superior digital equipment is necessary to deliver the highest quality possible, and the Vutek QS 3200R is just one of several two-sided printers we use in our daily operations. Whether you require a captivating free standing display or custom signage for your thriving business, we have the tools and equipment necessary to meet your needs. Contact us at ColorImage today for a custom quote at 312-666-2844.