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It’s not our style to boast; we prefer to let our products do the talking. However, we’re very proud of the quality of our products and the quality of the work that our technicians and artists produce. Everyone knows quality when he or she sees it. Quality manifests itself in all sorts of ways. For us, it begins in the pre-production stage where we take our clients’ ideas and collaborate to develop a comprehensive imaging plan for each of them.

We start by choosing materials to print on that enhance the look and feel of what our clients are striving for. One client may want neon bright color while another wants an old distressed look. Some may want to match the original, but most want something different, something that helps distinguish them and looks cutting-edge. That’s where our digital artists and production technicians can help most. We are great at figuring out interesting ways to make an image come to life. After we have decided on a course of action, we take all of our ideas and client input and print images for review by all team members.

Once our team is satisfied with our pre-production work, we send samples to the client for approval or actually have them come to our plant for an onsite press check approval. We believe in a strong working relationship at all levels of production with our clients, and a prepress approval is essential to us for quality control.

Whether it is the first time we deliver a project for a client or the 50th, our approach is the same. We strive to deliver products of unsurpassed quality on time and on budget every time. This has been our way of doing things from the very beginning and has been the catalyst for our and our clients’ success. Call ColorImage today at 312-666-2844 to discover the difference our quality can make for your organization.